• Psalm 564:57
  • Psalm 573:54
  • Psalm 626:26
  • Spontaneous Selah - Trumpet Celebration of Praise2:24

The Book of Psalms 
Volume 5

I would like to dedicate Volume 5 Psalms of the Holy Scriptures to my son Mathieu. Mathieu as early as 14 years old started to show extreme gifting in working with his hands!!! In 1984 the family started to get the vision of The Keyboard Studio Developed in a building on the property that was a garage! Mat was instrumental in helping me see the studio being moved out into that area. Later the smaller garage next to the one being refurbished for the studio would be knocked down and a new garage with offices upstairs would be used for teaching students. Mat's creative ability and skills were the seed that we needed to make the vision a reality. He would do carpentry and electrical work which would later be his profession for his entire working life. Mathieu grew into a courageous Man of God as he married his wife Cathy and became a great husband, father to his huge clan of children. Without his support and hard work and vision along with his mother Susan, there would have never been a Keyboard Studio. Mathieu, I am forever grateful for your help and devotion to making these buildings a reality.

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